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Macro Digital Technology Corp

211-2 Knickerbocker Ave., Bohemia, NY 11716

(631) 938-1600


Who is Macro Digital?

 Macro Digital Technology Corp. is a technology and security integrator         that specializes in LAN and WAN based security products.  With the         expansion of IP Security Cameras and IP Access Control on to the security         market many traditional security integrators have been unable to make the         transition into the IP world.  Not us!  We started in the IP         world so it is no surprise that the security equipment manufacturers have         embraced the IP world.  We were just waiting for them to catch up! 


IP and the Security Industry


The security industry has always been an analog world.From alarm systems to CCTV all of the equipment and         communication has been analog.  That has changed a bit  over  the past few years.  The IP explosion is happening now and you need  an integrator that can design, deploy and maintain the new IP systems.  

Your best choice is Macro Digital.


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